Ontario Parking Authority was established in 2008 with many years of experience in the industry of By-law Enforcement. OPA (Ontario Parking Authority) has recently opened its office in Ontario, and has been in continuous operations as one of the few companies in the industry of Municipal By-Law Enforcement, O.P.A. is able to provide a specialized system for our client to fit their clients’ needs. We believe that every client and property is unique and so are their needs. We have built strong, long lasting client relationships and we are committed to add value to our clients through our service of excellence.
Over the past few years significant advances have been made in various types of technology available on the market today. We have aggressively invested our ability to design, implement, test and support our services. Our officers are highly trained and are pre-screened with the highest qualifications and test scores in the O.P.A. aptitude examinations. Our officers have been M.L.E.O. trained by the Municipality, and we implement an authorized Municipal ticketing system in that particular City. Our tickets are enforced and supported by the Municipality for whichever the city you are located in. That means that no “private” or “fake” tickets will be issued on your property and no illegal towing is going to happened on your property.

O.P.A. is determined to provide customer service that is second-to-none. Understanding your needs is our main priority, having the knowledge and ability to develop unique solutions to achieve customer satisfaction, sets OPA apart from the rest. We are proud that we have accomplished 15 years of excellent service and we look forward for developing new ideas and new methods to better our clients’ needs.